by Mike Romaniak

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Ukrainian staged dance is a dance genre performed for an audience in which the content is fundamentally inspired by Ukrainian culture. The presentation of this content is enhanced by principles of classical music and ballet. The goal of this project is to continue a tradition of composing and recording music for Ukrainian staged dance.

A multistep procedure achieves this goal. The first step is research, gathering of materials, and the writing of a literature review. The second step is the composition of a new musical work based on the process employed by previous composers of this genre. The third step is the recording, the mixing, and the mastering of said new work. The final step is the assembly of a contact list of Ukrainian staged dance groups from all over the world, and the complimentary online distribution of the literature review, the musical score, and the recording.

Hutsulka has a narrative that could serve as a starting point for choreography. The plot begins with an introduction, then the entrance of a group of men, followed by the entrance of a group of women who are then asked to dance by the men. When all of the people on stage shout “Hutsulka!” the hutsulka music begins. They dance in pairs to various melodies, switching partners as often as the music switches melodies, until the grand finale, which they dance in unison, as it is a melody commonly known by the Hutsul people.

Free download of musical score, research paper, and more information at


released April 16, 2015
Composed, recorded, and produced by Mike Romaniak.
Special thanks to my friends, my family, and all the musicians involved: Dr. David Gillingham, Dr. Daniel Steele, the Romaniak family, Dominic Bierenga, Eli Bender, Jen Blackwell, Mike Brough, Nicolas Buligan, Will Callaghan, Elizabeth Cullen, Emily Ferrell, James Gunther, Evan Harris, Josh Hartge, Kenneth John, Kai Anders Johnson, Andrew LaJoie, Heather MacDonald, Mor Shargall, Anthony Thompson, Ian Tulloch, Louis Varahidis, Jenna Veldboom, John David Williams, Ben Yats, and more.




Mike Romaniak Toronto, Ontario

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